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Release 20.5.1 - Team Collaboration - Comment & Notification
Release 20.5.1 - Team Collaboration - Comment & Notification
Written by Tam Tran
Updated over a week ago

Team collaboration - comment & notification

This release made collaboration easier by giving teams the ability to comment on deployments, similar to how Salesforce Chatter works. No longer do users need to email deployment links manually. Simply @mention one of your team members on deployment and Copado Essentials will automatically notify the mentioned users with the relevant details.

Combined with deployment and org sharing, this feature helps to further streamline your team's change management and review process.


License provisioning enhancements

We added a number of enhancements to our subscription management backend that allows real-time sync between customer-initiated subscription changes and the Copado Essentials license provisioning/de-provisioning process. With this update, you can now fully manage your subscriptions and licenses online without the need to engage the Copado Essentials support team.

Database upgrade

We upgraded our back-end database to the latest version to take advantage of performance optimization and monitoring.

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