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Release 20.4.2 - Static code analysis, SFDX CLI update,
Release 20.4.2 - Static code analysis, SFDX CLI update,
Written by Tam Tran
Updated over a week ago

Static code analysis support

We added static code analysis capability in this release. Static code analysis automatically finds vulnerabilities and design flaws in your code, so you can ship more features with increased confidence in code quality and security standard. Static code analysis can be run in the following contexts:

  • When validating or deploying changes from Salesforce to Salesforce

  • When validating or deploying selective changes from Git to Salesforce

  • When validating or deploying incremental CI changes from Git to Salesforce

  • Schedule static code analysis execution from Git or Salesforce

In all of the above cases, static code analysis is executed for Apex classes and triggers selected or included in the deployment packages. Static code analysis supports both Classic and DX source format. This feature is available for Copado Essentials+ users only.

To execute static code analysis within the context of a deployment/validation, simply edit "Deploy Option" and enable "Run static code analysis for selected Apex classes", like below.


Once the validation completes, click on the "Static code analysis" icon, like below.


You can then review analysis details, group, filter and sort based on Class, Rule, Category and Priority.


You can also execute static code analysis independently and outside of a validation or deployment context, like so.


SFDX CLI update

We updated SFDX CLI to align with the recent Salesforce SFDX CLI release.

Updated deployment list view for team owners.

We updated deployment list views to give team owners more visibility of their team deployments.

Bug fix - empty lines in exclusion rules

As previously reported by our users, deployments failed when the exclusion list contains an empty line, like below. This bug has been fixed in this release.


Bug fix - error creating rollback deployments from history view

For deployments from Git executed outside of CI context, users were not able to create rollback deployments. This bug has been fixed in this release.

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