Simple option to deploy all git source

When you create a new deployment or CI job from Git, the default option is "deploy selected components from a branch". In the past, in order to deploy everything from git, you would have to use this option and then manually add wildcards to your deployment.

Going forwards, you can simply select "deploy everything from a branch" and Copado Essentials will include all metadata files from your git branch to the deployment.

This change is fully backward compatible and your previous configurations using wildcards continue to work as-is.


Option to schedule CI jobs every 12 hour

Per our customer requests, we have now added the option to schedule CI jobs at every 12 hours interval.


New metadata types added

We added 3 new metadata types: Navigation Menu, Managed Content Type and Sharing Guest Rule


Simplify license subscription management

In the past, users were able to subscribe either as team or individual. Having different types of subscription created a number of issues with managing subscriptions, billing and invoices. We have now consolidated team subscription and user subscription into a single option which should resolve these billing related issues.

If you are a single user team, simply click on "Purchase License" and select 1 unit as the number of licenses when subscribing.

Refer to our updated subscription help article for further information:

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