Fix Scratch Org issue

When creating a new Scratch Org, there was an access error occurred when the Team has Org Sharing enabled. This issue has been fixed in this release.

Schedule CI Job to run every 6 hour

In this release, we also add a new option to allow schedule CI Job every 6 hour.

Spring 20' API Upgrade

Spring 20' is now globally available across all Salesforce instances. As part of this, we have updated Copado Essentials instances to align with Salesforce Spring 20' release.

If you deploy from directly from org to org using Copado Essentials, the default API version 48.0 will be used to retrieve and deploy metadata.

If you deploy or commit from/to a git repository, Copado Essentials will continue to respect the API version defined in your git repository (in package.xml or sfdx-project.json)

No actions is required from our users.

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