The method of selecting the translation below is deprecated. Please refer to the new method of deploying translations documented here:

The translation is similar to Profile in that they are variable content. That means to deploy translation, you would need to select both the language and the object/fields to be included for that language.

In the example below, we select language "fr" and a "Dynamic_Form__c" object. When we retrieve the package.xml, we can see the full object translation in French.


If you want to deploy translation just for a subset of fields, you can de-select the object and select the fields instead, like below.


Copado Essentials also gives you finer control of what to include in the package using the exclusion option. You can learn more about the exclusion option here:

For dynamic metadata types like Profile, Record Type, or Translation, it is often useful to know exactly what is in the package before you deploy. To do this, simply click on More > Download Package.

Please note that the above method of deploying translation is only applicable for an Org-to-Org deployment flow. For a Git-to-Org deployment flow, selective deployment of translations from Git is currently not supported.

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