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Release 19.8.1 - Import / Export Components and Use Cases
Release 19.8.1 - Import / Export Components and Use Cases
Written by Tam Tran
Updated over a week ago

Import/Export Component Selections

You can now import and export components to and from your deployment's selected list. Simply navigate to More > Export Component Selections or More > Import Component Selections, like so.


Please note that after the components are imported, the diff flags will be set as 'unknown' by default. Simply click on the refresh icon to trigger the re-comparison process. If an imported component does not exist in the source org, it will be flagged as 'invalid'.

Use Cases

Merge deployments

You can leverage the import and export functionality for a number of use cases. One of which is to merge multiple deployments into one. To merge multiple deployments into one, simply export the components from one deployment and import them to another one.

โ€‹Documenting changes

The export feature can also be used for the purpose of documentation & audit.

โ€‹Create deployment from a ticketing system (ie. Jira).

Some of our customers use Jira and already have a process where components are described in Jira tickets.

Using the import feature, you can quickly create a deployment containing all the described components simply by importing the list to Copado Essentials.

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