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Release 19.6.4 - Find and replace, create scratch orgs
Release 19.6.4 - Find and replace, create scratch orgs
Written by Tam Tran
Updated over a week ago

Find and replace

Find and replace provides a simple, yet powerful mechanism for transforming your metadata during a deployment. With the find and replace feature, you can easily achieve a wide variety of tasks like replacing profile IP ranges, removing certain user permissions, updating recipient email addresses on workflow rules, ...

Simply edit "Deploy Options", then enter the rule description in the "Find and Replace" text area.


For more information on syntax and examples, please refer to this help article:

Create scratch orgs

In this release, you can create a new scratch org directly from Copado Essentials in just a few clicks.

Simply go to the "Organizations" tab and select "Create New Scratch Org" like below.


Click "Create" and the scratch org will be ready for deployments after a few seconds. You can also navigate directly to the scratch org from Copado Essentials via "Organizations > Go to org".

Note that this feature is currently in beta status.

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