Remove incorrect custom metadata record's last modified date

Due to a bug in the Salesforce APIs, all custom metadata records are reported with an incorrect last modified date of 01/01/1970, even though they are showing correctly in the Salesforce Setup UI.

We have reported the bug to the Salesforce team for resolution. To avoid confusion to our users, we have also removed the last modified date for Salesforce metadata records in Copado Essentials UI, until the issue is resolved at Salesforce's end.


Performance optimization

We've made numerous performance optimization to the Copado Essentials back-end which allows Copado Essentials to handle orgs with Gigabytes of metadata.

Remove restriction on selecting target branches

Prior to this release, when you create an org-to-git deployment, we filtered out all base branches that are prefixed with clickdeploy_. This filter was by-design as we recommend that feature branches should be based on a user-defined branch (ie. master, uat, ...), rather than a clickdeploy _ generated branch.

However, some of our users have expressed valid use cases where it is desirable to commit based on a clickdeploy_ prefixed branch. This is now possible. When you select the target branch, the UI still filters out clickdeploy_ prefixed branches from the auto-suggestion list. However, you have the ability to type in any branches manually and they can be ones prefixed with clickdeploy_

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