Snapshot diff view

Previously, line-by-line diff view was supported for org-to-org, org-to-git and git-to-org deployments but not for snapshot-to-org deployments (deployments that use the freeze action).

This release now supports the same capability for snapshot releases. That means you can view line-by-line differences between a snapshot and and org or a git repo.

Multi-actions CI jobs with quick deploy support

Previously, you could only select a single action in a CI job. With 19.5.1 release, you can now perform multiple actions within the same CI job (validate, deploy, commit).

In addition, Quick Deploy is now also supported for incremental build strategy. A successful deployment using Quick Deploy will move the incremental build marker to the commit id that the validation had previously run at.


Bulk delete of deployments

With release 19.5.1, you can now delete multiple deployments at once. Simply check the deployments you wish to delete and click "Delete".

Note that you can only delete deployments that you own. Selections of deployments owned by other team members will be skipped from the bulk delete operations.


Team owner default access without sharing (opt-in only)

Previously, team owners always require explicit sharing in order to view or manage deployments owned by other team members. With this release, team owners can view or manage team deployments via direct deployment urls, without needing to be explicitly shared.

This feature is opt-in only and is disabled by default. If you'd like to have this feature enabled for your team, please submit a Copado Essentials support ticket for this.

Additional metadata types

Added 3 directional deployment support for Wave and Embedded Service component types. You can now deploy these component types from org-to-org, org-to-git and selectively from git-to-org.

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