Mixed Deployment Mode

Copado Essentials now supports a new deployment option - Standard & Destructive. Previously, you had to split standard changes (add, modified) and destructive changes (delete) into two separate deployments. With this new deployment option, you can include both standard changes and destructive changes in a single deployment.

To use Standard & Destructive deployment option, simply edit Deploy Options and change Deploy Type to Standard & Destructive.


After you change Deploy Type to Standard & Destructive, the Add Component tab will show another column Delete, in addition to the existing Select column.


Incremental CI Build

Until now, Copado Essentials+ has supported three GIT deployment strategies below:

  • Deploy everything from a GIT branch

  • Deploy selective from a GIT branch

  • Deploy differences between GIT branches

In this release, we introduce an additional deployment strategy - Incremental Deployment. Incremental deployment enables teams to set up CI jobs that deploy incremental changes from a branch to a target environment. That is, the CI job selects only files committed since the last successful build.

To select Incremental Build, simply edit Deploy Options and change Git Source to 'deploy files committed since the last successful build'


CI Deployment Rollback

Copado Essentials+ now supports rollback for each CI deployment. To rollback a deployment, simply locate the build history and click Rollback.

The system will automatically calculate the revert changes including new, modified and components to delete. You will be redirected to the rollback deployment to review the reverted changes before proceed with the rollback.

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