Gain more control and flexibility with profile, record type and translation deployments

Previously, when deploying profiles or record types, you typically need to select the related components (fields, picklist values, ...) that will go together with the profiles or record types. It was not possible to deploy Profiles without deploying the related components together.

In this release, we introduce a new deployment option "Support component exclusion when deploying record types or profiles". Enabling this setting would allow you to exclude the related components from the final package so that you can deploy just the record types or profiles without being mandated to deploy the fields or picklist values.


After you enable the option above, a new column "Exclude" will be shown in the "Components Selected" list. In the example below, the profile field level security permission for Rating__c field will be deployed. The field itself, however, will not be included in the final deployment package.


The above behavior is applied to both org-to-org deployments as well as org-to-git commit flow.

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