How to Commit profiles to Git

How to make incremental changes to a profile or permission set.

Written by Tam Tran
Updated over a week ago

When committing profiles to your Git repository, select the profiles as well as the related fields or components that you wish to have their permissions committed.

Let's go through an example. Alice is an Salesforce administrator at her organization. In her own personal dev sandbox, Alice created a new field SLAExpirationDate__c and grants the field-level security (FLS) permissions "Read" and "Edit" to the System Administrator profile. Now, Alice would like to commit this change to the team's Git repository.

To do this, Alice would create a new deployment in Copado Essentials, like below:


Notice that in the deployment above, Alice selects both the field AND the profile that she would like to update. After Alice clicks on "Commit To Git Branch", she can then review the changes by clicking on the "Review Changes" button. Essentials will deploy only the FLS change related to the field she select--not the entire profile.

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