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Deploy differences between Git branches
Deploy differences between Git branches
Written by Tam Tran
Updated over a week ago

When it comes to Salesforce source control and branching strategy, there are a variety of ways that team can deploy from Git. The two major approaches are deploying the entire git branch versus incrementally deploy only files changed in a release branch.

For orgs with less customizations and shorter deployment time, it is often a better practice to deploy the entire Git branch. This helps to enforce git being the source of truth as well as minimize deployment dependency errors in the long run. However, for larger orgs with longer deployment time, having the option to deploy or validate just the differences between branches can be a significant time saver in many occasions.

With Copado Essentials, you can easily deploy everything in a Git branch. You can also deploy a set of selected components in a git branch or you can deploy the differences between two Git branches.

To learn more about deploying differences between branches as well as the use-case and context, please visit our recent blog on the topic below:

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