Updated default metadata api version to Winter '19 (44.0)

We've updated the default metadata api version to 44.0. Note that this is only used for org to org deployments. Your git deployment and CI job continue to use the api version specified in your package.xml or sfdx-project.json.

Process builder deployment behaviour changes

As part of the upgrade to Winter '19, process builder deployment behaviour is also changed. Please see this article for further detail https://clickdeploy.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000513156-Deploy-Process-Builder

Commit behaviour optimized for DX repository

We continue to enhance our Salesforce DX support. In this release, we reviewed different metadata types and optimize commit behaviour for each type. For instance, when you commit Profile changes or Workflow rule changes, we perform a selective merge instead of an overwrite. This is consistent with our commit behaviour for Metadata Api source repository.

Infrastructure upgrade

Our AWS data center was also doubled in capacity and processing power to meet with increasing customer demand. This means Copado Essentials should be able to process requests faster with fewer exceptions.

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