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Source control & enterprise release management best practices
Source control & enterprise release management best practices

How to define your release management strategy

Written by Tam Tran
Updated over a week ago

Required Edition: Copado Essentials+

At the heart of what makes Salesforce so powerful is its ability to allow fewer technical users to develop apps and customizations without writing a single line of code. This unique strength, however, comes with a cost. It makes source control and release management very challenging due to its tendency to introduce multiple competing sources of truth, as well as the cost of reverse engineering click configuration back into code.

To achieve success in adopting Salesforce source control and release management, companies should follow a number of guiding principles that might not be generally required in other software development stacks. Follow the best practices discussed in our blog below and you should have no problems in moving towards a more streamlined, automated, and modern Salesforce release management process.

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