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Deploy Process Builder
Written by Tam Tran
Updated over a week ago

Please note that deployment behavior for process builder has changed after the Winter '19 release.

After Winter '19:

After Winter '19, you are no longer required to select specific versions of a process to deploy.

Simply select the flow name and Copado Essentials will automatically deploy the latest version of the process for you.

When the flow is retrieved from the source org, the latest version will be retrieved (regardless of status). It is expected that it deploys the latest version and not necessarily the active version.

In non-production orgs (sandbox, scratch org, developer edition org), an active version of a flow will be deployed as active in the target org. In production orgs, this behavior depends on the setting "Process Automation > Deploy Processes as Active".

This behavior is now consistent with Salesforce Change Sets.

You can find more information regarding process builder changes in Winter '19 here:

Before Winter '19:

Process builder is one of the most powerful ways to automate processes within your Salesforce organizations. However, deploying process builders is often not as straightforward as other metadata components.

The blog post below discusses typical ways of deploying process builders, known issues and shows you how Copado Essentials the process as smoothly as possible.

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