Required Editions: Copado Essentials+

Integration between Jira and Bitbucket or Jira and Github is facilitated by DVCS connector.

Connect Jira with Bitbucket

To connect Jira to Bitbucket, please follow this guide:

Connect Jira with Github

To connect Jira to Github, please follow this guide:

Associate a Copado Essentials deployment with a Jira issue

Once you connected Jira to Bitbucket or Github via either of the steps above, Copado Essentials will ensure that deployment activities including git commits, branches and pull requests are automatically reflected in Jira. All you need to do is to associate each Copado Essentials deployment with a Jira Issue, like below:


Observe deployment activities synced to Jira automatically

As soon as you perform a git commit via Copado Essentials, you can see development activities updated immediately in Jira as below.

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