Required Editions: Copado Essentials Free, Copado Essentials, Copado Essentials+

What is a wildcard and how can I use it?

Copado Essentials leverages wildcards in the same way that you can use wildcards with Salesforce metadata API. Wildcard deployment allows you to deploy components of certain types without having to name the component explicitly.

For instance, you can deploy Apex classes or all object metadata from a source org to a target org by simply filter "Component Type" = "WildCard", then select Apex Class and Object as per the screen below.

If your source org is a git repository, you will find an additional wildcard type named "All Git Source". This type allows you to deploy everything in your git repository to the target org.

What are the use cases for using wildcards?

Org sync

If you have an outdated sandbox and you wish to sync with production, you can select wildcard component types instead of having to select thousands of components by name.

Setup source control for the first time

When you set up source control for the first time, wildcard provides an easy way to populate your git repository with existing metadata in your production instance. Simply select all wildcard types and deploy from your Salesforce prod to your git repository.

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