Added "manage access" to deployment sharing

Previously, users can only share a deployment or CI job as "view" access. A new access level "manage access" has been added to the deployment sharing feature. This new access allows the recipient of a shared deployment to edit, validate or deploy on behalf of the owner.

Correct object base commit behavior

Previously, when you select an object base (without fields or child components) and commit to your git repository, Copado Essentials would pull & commit the entire object (including fields and child components). This behavior has been corrected such that if you select just the object base (without any fields), Copado Essentials will only commits (or merges) just the object base to your git repo.

Support ignore package version mismatch option for git commit

Previously, ignore package version mismatch option is only available when the deployment target is a Salesforce org. With this release, you can now enable this option for a git commit action.

Added "created date" column to deployment & ci job list view.

Previously, deployment & ci job list view are auto-sorted based on the "last viewed" column. This caused the list view to display items in an inconsistent order. Based on user feedback, we have added a new column "created date" and auto-sort the list view based on this new column.

Added "source control complexity" column in wildcard selection view

To assist teams with the process of setting up source control for the first time, we've added a new column "source control complexity". This column helps teams to decide which metadata types to track in source repositories without introducing significant overhead. As a starting point, teams can start with the "basic" filter and gradually move to more complex metadata types.

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