Similar to Salesforce, Copado Essentials applies certain resource limits on our user activities in order to maintain the highest level of performance baseline for all of our users. These limits were designed such that the majority of our users should not hit these limits. These are also not hard limits and you can request an increase if you ever need to go beyond.

The number of organizations that a user can add: 50 organizations.

Deployment history records will be kept for 1 year since the time of creation.

The number of active deployments in the "Deployments" tab: 100 deployments (250 for Essentials+ licenses).

Number of CI jobs a user can create: 15 jobs

The number of build histories a CI job maintains 15 build histories.

The number of deployments that can be executed by a single user concurrently: 15 deployments.

GIT repository size: 1GB

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