Bitbucket Support

Copado Essentials now supports connecting to Bitbucket repositories, in addition to GitHub. When you add an org, simply select Bitbucket in the Type dropdown. Give your repo a name and proceed with authorization. Upon successful authorization, the Git Repository dropdown will list all the repositories that you have access to. Select a repo, click Save and you should be ready to deploy from and to this Bitbucket repository.


Ability to select source directory

Previously, Copado Essentials mandates that all source repositories must store metadata source in a folder named "project". Per our user requests, you can now customize this and select the source folder to match your specific directory structure. When you create a new git org, the default value for Source Folder is "/project".


Salesforce DX Git Commit Bug

Previously when committing changes to a DX repository with multiple packages, the XML merge contains white space and newline character at the end. This bug should be fixed in this release.

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