Copado Essentials & Essentials+ license offer Monthly subscriptions and Yearly subscriptions. Please see our pricing page for detail

Our Monthly and Yearly subscriptions renew automatically to avoid interruption to your deployments.

Monthly subscriptions automatically renew on the same day each month (the day you subscribed), unless canceled.

Yearly subscriptions automatically renew after the initial annual unless canceled.

Copado Essentials license is per Copado Essentials user (not per org). This means a licensed user can deploy from any source organization to any target organization as long as those organizations can be authorized by the user.

After purchasing, new licenses will be assigned to your team. The team owner can then allocate them to other members. For more information about team, please refer to this article:

Purchase Copado Essentials licenses

To purchase new licenses, sign in to and navigate to Account Settings > Account Detail or Account Settings > Team. Click "Purchase License" and you will be directed to our subscription management system for billing and payment details.


If you work for a consulting company, please make sure you purchase by signing in to Copado Essentials via your own company's Salesforce account (not your client's Salesforce account).

Invoicing with wire transfer payment option is available for teams with 10 Essential licenses and above or 5 Essential + licenses and above.

Select license options and checkout

Once you click on the "Purchase Licenses" button, a popup will appear so you can select the license type and the number of licenses you want to buy for your team.


Once the options are selected, please click on OK to go to the checkout page.

Assign licenses to team members

After you complete your purchase, you can start assigning licenses to your team members. Anyone who signs into Copado Essentials via the same Salesforce organization Id (same as the Team Org Id) will automatically be listed in the Team Member list (see screenshot below). You can have your new users sign into Copado Essentials using this link.


Only a team owner can assign licenses to team members. To check who is the owner of your team, please go to Account Settings > Team. To nominate a different user on your team as a team owner, please email

Cancel subscription

To cancel the subscription, sign in to Copado Essentials and navigate to Account Setting > Team > Manage License Subscription. You will then be redirected to our billing portal ChargeBee where you can change or cancel your subscription.

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