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How to Deploy Custom Metadata Types
How to Deploy Custom Metadata Types

You can deploy Custom Metadata Types with Essentials

Written by Tam Tran
Updated over a week ago

Custom metadata is a great way to store configurations for your Salesforce apps. Unlike custom settings, custom metadata records can be deployed between your Salesforce organizations.

The guide below shows you just how simple it is to compare and deploy custom metadata using Essentials.

Custom metadata deployment involves deploying custom metadata types as well as custom metadata records. Let's assume we have a custom metadata type named "App UI Theme" with 2 custom metadata records "Dark Theme" and "Bright Theme".

Deploying Custom Metadata Types

In Essentials, custom metadata types are listed under Custom Object / Setting. To filter for custom metadata type, use "__mdt".


Deploying Custom Metadata Records

Custom metadata records are listed in Essentials under "Custom Metadata" and you can easily filter custom metadata records by the parent object filter.


Click on the diff icon to compare metadata records prior to deployments. In the example below, the background color for the "Dark Theme" would be changed from "silver" to "grey" after deployment.


There you go, view exactly what is going to be changed and deploy custom metadata in just a few clicks.

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