Free license usage and terms of service.
Written by Tam Tran
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As per our public pricing, a free license is entitled to 15 deployment or validation attempts per month. Note that this 15 deployments/validations limit also applies to users that use standard org-to-org deployments or validations during the 21-day Essentials Plus Trial period (instead of Essentials Plus Work Items with Pipelines or Deployments with Pull Requests deployment methods--See the Essentials Plus Setup Guide for details on these two deployment methods).

The number of active deployments in the Deployments tab: 15 deployments for Free users, 100 deployments for Essentials licenses, and 250 deployments for Essentials+ licenses. Note that you can delete deployments that you are not using to make room for new deployments. Your deployment history will be maintained in the History tab for up to one year.

Our team is working on exposing these usage metrics on the UI for the upcoming releases. Hopefully, this will allow our free users to track usage easily and transparently.

Please also note that a Copado Essentials free license is intended for one single individual. If you work for a consulting firm, you should sign in using your own organization's Salesforce account, not your client's organization.

Attempts to work around our free license limit by signing in and switching between different login accounts are considered against Copado Essentials' terms of service.

To avoid duplicate accounts in the system, Copado Essentials will automatically block 1 account if it found 2 accounts with the same email address.

Hope this provides some more details regarding our free licenses. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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