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Deploy standard fields and standard picklists
Deploy standard fields and standard picklists

Deploying standard/custom fields and picklists related to the StandardValueSet metadata type

Written by Tam Tran
Updated over a week ago

Standard fields and standard picklists are those that change frequently between organizations. Unfortunately, Salesforce Change Sets does not support deployments of these components. This is one of the pain points for many Salesforce admins. However, if you use Copado Essentials, this is not a problem. We have this taken care of, elegantly.

Unlike Salesforce Change Sets, Copado Essentials supports 2 additional metadata types below:

Standard Field

This metadata type defines standard field related settings like help text, history tracking, compliance groups, etc. These components can be added to any deployment, so long as the field-level security allows them to be viewed by the Essentials user. As an example, if you compare Standard Field > Case.Type using Copado Essentials, you will see the diff view below showing the help text has been removed from the source org on the right. The Standard Field metadata type, however, does not include picklist values.

You can only deploy standard fields that you can customize, that is, standard fields to which you can add help text or where you can enable history or Chatter feed tracking. Standard fields such as system fields (CreatedById or LastModifiedDate) or autonumber fields are not supported. The below standard picklist fields aren't supported either:

Idea Theme

Categories Order

Status Question


Standard Value Set (Picklists)

The Standard Value Set metadata type defines picklist values for a standard field. As an example, if you compare Standard Value Set > CaseType using Copado Essentials, you will see the diff view below.

As you can see, deploy standard fields using Copado Essentials is easy. Simply check off these components and click Deploy.


If you do not see you updated/newly created field in the component selection:
Check to see if FLS needs to be updated to ensure standard fields can be seen by Essentials. Also, Permissions (FLS) need to be deployed upstream by including the profiles you updated with access to the field.

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