While a Copado Essentials deployment might look similar to an out-of-the-box Salesforce change set, our underlying technology is completely decoupled from the OOTB change sets.

Our product UX is built on top of the latest Salesforce APIs which allows us to rebuild the entire deployment experience without being constrained to all the limitations that the OOTB change set has accrued over the last decade.

For the above reason, a Copado Essentials deployment is not related or listed in the inbound/outbound Salesforce change sets. To meet audit requirements, Copado Essentials records all deployment history that a user performs. Users can access deployment history under the 'History' menu. In addition, organizations can always retrieve the detail of a deployed package based on the async Id.

The OOTB Salesforce change set was not designed for the modern web. In order to achieve a seamless release management experience, we encourage our users to think beyond the OOTB change sets.

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