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Release 2.1.6 - 15 Aug 2017.
Release 2.1.6 - 15 Aug 2017.
Written by Tam Tran
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Release date: 15 Aug 2017.

Release notes:

  • Fix to support orgs with Person Account enabled.

  • Add dynamic diff view support for profile & record.
    Copado Essentials now supports diff view for Record Type & Profile. This lets you know exactly what record type picklist values or profile permission changes before you kick off your deployments.

    What gets deployed in profiles and record types depend on the other components selected within the same deployment. When you view a profile or record type diff, the diff view is calculated in real-time based on your current selected component list. For example, if you add or remove a field from your selected list, the profile field level security for the component will be reflected accordingly in the diff immediately.

  • Deployment assistance
    View deployment detail link now opens a popup instead of redirecting users to Salesforce deployment page. This is much quicker for users to view deployment errors. In addition, Copado Essentials also monitors deployment errors and provide automatic suggestions for fixing deployment errors.

  • Exporting deployment package from source org
    Copado Essentials now supports exporting of your deployment packages. This can be done by clicking on "Retrieve package from source" under the "More" button.

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