Destructive Changes to GIT

Before this release, destructive deployment option is only available for Salesforce Orgs. We have extended this feature to support destructive changes into GIT repositories.

In the Deploy Options tab, there are now 2 extra Deploy Types available for GIT Orgs: "Destructive" and "Standard & Destructive". Select any of these options will allow you to choose components to be deleted from GIT.

After selecting components to be deleted from GIT, you can commit the changes to the feature branch and create a pull request to merge them to the main branch.

Support PlatformEventSubscriberConfig metadata

The PlatformEventSubscriberConfig metadata type is now supported and can be selected from the Add Components > Component Type dropdown

UI Upgrades

There are several UI upgrades in this release.

  • Ability to sort CI Jobs, Work Items and Deployments by name, owner, source and target Orgs

  • Deployments tab: an icon to show if a deployment is being scheduled to run in the future

  • Hide "Quick Deploy" button after the selected components have changed. "Quick Deploy" button is available when a deployment has passed validation with unit tests. After that, when further changes is made to the deployment (add or remove selected components), the "Quick Deploy" button will not be shown until another validation is passed.

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