Salesforce Summer 21 API Version Upgrade

As part of this release, we have updated Copado Essentials instances to align with Salesforce API version 52.0.

If you deploy directly from org to org, the default API version 52.0 will be used to retrieve and deploy metadata.

If you deploy or commit from/to an existing git repository, Copado Essentials continues to respect the API version defined in your git repository (in package.xml or sfdx-project.json). No actions are required from our users.

New Metadata Types Support

Two new metadata types were added in this release: RecommendationStrategy and CMS Connection

New Team Role: Non-Deployment Member

A new team role, Non-Deployment Member, was introduced in this release. User with this new role will only be able to modify and validate deployments. The Team Owner can set this role to any of the team members by going to the Account Details > Team page.

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