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Project Manager for Copado Essentials Plus
Project Manager for Copado Essentials Plus

Project Manager groups orgs and deployments by a Salesforce implementation partner's project.

Written by Tam Tran
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Salesforce partners often work with multiple clients at the same time. This requires the users to regularly switch between many login accounts and having to keep track of orgs and deployments across multiple clients.

Project Manager helps to streamline this setup and make it easy for users to organise, partition and group deployments by project, all within a single login account.

License requirement

This feature requires Essentials Plus licenses.

Define project list

As a team owner, you can add, edit or delete projects from the project list via Settings > Application Settings > Project Manager.

The project list is visible for all members of the team. However, each team member can select a subset of project to work with by enabling the my workspace check-boxes.

Switching projects

After the project list is defined, users can now select to work with a particular project using the project switcher at the top right of the screen below.

When a project is selected, the following behaviours apply :

  • List views automatically filter orgs, deployments and work items related the selected project.

  • When users add new orgs or deployments, the system automatically relates these newly added assets with the currently selected project.

  • When users create new deployments or work items, the system enforces that the source and target orgs must be related to the currently selected project, hence, reduce the risk of cross-project deployments.

Watch the video below to see how to activate and set up the Project Manager:

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