Enable Org Sharing

The org sharing feature is not enabled by default. Team owners can enable this feature for the team by going to Account Settings > Team and select "Enabled org sharing" checkbox.

Share your Salesforce Orgs

As an org owner (the user who authorizes the org connection in Copado Essentials), you can now share the org connection to other members in your team. Org sharing supports two level of access - validate and deploy.


Using this feature, a team lead can setup org connections for shared environments (ie. QA, UAT and PROD) once and share these org connections with other team members for validate or deploy. This approach allows a team member to validate changes against an upstream environment without requiring the member to be a Salesforce admin in the respective environment.

Once the Org sharing feature is enabled, it will add an extra access check to deployments. When a deployment is shared to other team member, the Deployment's Source and Target Orgs will also need to be shared (so the team member can run Validation or Deployments against those Orgs).

Share your GIT Orgs

GIT Org sharing is only applicable for Work Item Pipelines. The team owner setups the Pipeline for the team where a GIT Org is used for history tracking. In this case, the GIT Org will need to be shared with other team members with "Pipeline Commit" access before they can use the pipeline. For more details about Work Items setup, please refer to this article: https://docs.essentials.copado.com/en/articles/4719394-work-items

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