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How to Start a Trial of Essentials Plus
How to Start a Trial of Essentials Plus

If you're interested in an Essentials+ trial, this is how you initiate the start of it.

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Essentials users can kick off an Essentials Plus trial by logging into their Essentials Account and clicking on the "Free Trial" button. The trial lasts for 21 days.
This trial will provide you with the opportunity to try some of the Essentials premium features like Work Items with Pipelines (with or without a Git repo), Deployments with Pull Requests (requires a Git repo for version control), Project Management, Approval Processes associated with a pipeline, and many more exciting features. Once you start the trial, an in-app product tour is available to explain how to use some of the premium features.
At the end of the trial period you can purchase Essentials+ licenses to continue to use these premium features or continue to use the Essentials Free or Essentials Basic editions.

Please note that the free trial provides unlimited deployments using the Essentials Plus Work Items with Pipelines and Deployments with Pull Requests features. To set up these features, refer to the Essentials Plus Setup Guide.
​The free trial does NOT apply to standard org-to-org deployments. If you use a standard org-to-org deployment during the 21-day-trial, the 15 deployments/validations limit still applies.

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