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How can you position a Hot Fix org for late stage quick fixes?
How can you position a Hot Fix org for late stage quick fixes?

If you're look to use a Hot Fix org for quick fixes and back deployments. Here's some tips.

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So, we have two approaches to Hot Fixes. One being that they only work in Dev boxes, however this creates a longer path for production changes to then be back deployed.

The other option is to have a hot fix environment off of production. It would essentially be its own short pipeline that only has two steps, Hot Fix and production. If you are using our pipelines feature, you could add the hot fix environment to the very last step of your pipelines.

In this way, your path for fixing an issue becomes:

  1. Release to Prod

  2. Detection of bug or issue

  3. Promote work item to Hot Fix

  4. Perform necessary bug fixes

  5. Build a Hot Fix work item or deployment to move the fixed components (the only ones where you would see a difference because now Hot Fix is up to date with production via work item except for those fixed components)

  6. Deploy back to Production

  7. Sit back and Relax

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