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Functional Test Automation Integration
Functional Test Automation Integration

Configure the integration between Essentials Plus and Copado Robotic Testing to run functional tests from within the Essentials Plus UX.

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Looking to automate your functional testing process? Now, Copado Essentials+ users can add Copado's simple yet powerful functional test automation solution, Copado Robotic Testing. Essentials+ users with a Copado Robotic Testing license can use the application's test script recorder or keyword-based scripting language to create test scripts that can be initiated from an Essentials+ Work Item or Deployment.

How to obtain a license

For pricing information or to request a demo please contact your Copado Essentials Account Manager by initiating a conversation in Essentials chat (blue button in the lower right corner of your Essentials app screen) or visit the Essentials webpage.

How to configure

Each Essentials Plus user needs a Copado Robotic Testing "token". To activate the integration between Essentials Plus and the separate Copado Robotic Testing application, navigate to the Copado Robotic Testing application User setting & preferences tab and create a personal access key. Copy and paste this key into the API Token field in Essentials Plus (see screenshots below).

How to execute a test script:

1) Create or open a Work Item

2) Navigate to the Robotic Test Executions tab in the middle of your Work Item
3) Enter your Project and Test Suite

4) Click the Run Test button to the right of the Test Suite selector text box

Your test script(s) will run and return a result of "Success" or "Failure". To view the details of a particular test suite, click the Results link on the right side of each test suite.

If you have questions, contact Copado Tech Support in the blue button in the lower right corner of your Essentials app screen.

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