Copado Essentials+ offers several rollback options. These options are associated with a deployment method:

  • Deployments

  • Work Items

  • CI Jobs

Important: Each of these methods must be configured in advance, to work properly. All methods require a fully operational Git repository.

  • To configure a deployment to support rollbacks, you must deploy using the Deployments with Backup option.

To configure Work Items for rollbacks, the global rollbacks setting must be activated by contacting Copado Essentials Support. From there, then select the Deploy with backup option from the More picklist, to initiate your deployment (not the blue Deploy button).

  • Select Deployment History to view the deployment you made. Then select the Deployment you just made

  • Finally select the green Rollback button

  • To configure a CI Job to rollback you must use the Deploy files committed since the last successful build option in the Git source section of the Deploy Options tab.

    This screenshot shows the green Rollback button for a CI Job:

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