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How to properly connect your Azure repo to allow for CI job kickoff

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When it comes to authenticating a Git repository in Copado Essentials, selecting the "correct" Git Repo URL for that connection is typically fairly simple. With GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket you can simply use the URL of your main branch from the address bar, however, with an Azure repo, there is a slight modification that needs to be made.

In order to connect your Azure repo, navigate the master branch and click "Clone".

After clicking clone, you'll need to take the URL that is generated and remove the "username@" section, as shown below.

Once you've removed the "username@" section, copy the URL and paste it into the Git Repo URL field of your Azure DevOps org in Copado Essentials.

At this point your Azure repo should be properly connected for future callouts by a webhook to initiate a CI job. In order to setup that webhook, please follow the steps outlined in the Azure webhook setup guide.

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