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Backing up metadata changes to Git
Backing up metadata changes to Git

How to create a backup of a developer sandbox.

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It is a good practice to backup all the environments in your workflow/pipeline. For example, backing up the metadata in your developer sandboxes would provide a version history of the changes made in the sandbox and allow for rollbacks in the event of an error.

Copado Essentials can perform a back using the steps outlined below. This will require a CI job with a webhook for each environment and a configuration of a "Backup" repo with your Git provider.

1) Configure a "Backup" repository with branches for each environment in your workflow:

2) Set up your CI jobs for each environment you would like to have backed up.

For details on how to configure a CI Job to deploy all changes since the last successful deployment, see this article.

Note that there is a limit of 20 CI/Jobs per Essentials team.

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