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Copado Essentials CodeScan Integration
Copado Essentials CodeScan Integration

How to integrate CodeScan with Copado Essentials

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With Copado Essentials we now have the capability of integrating your AutoRABIT CodeScan projects to run with Deployments and Work Items.
Step 1) From your Account Settings you will see on the left hand side under Integrations an option for CodeScan Settings and in the upper right hand corner after clicking the CodeScan Settings there is an option to Add CodeScan Settings.

Step 2) Review and fill out your CodeScan Settings. (Note: CodeScan integration only supports Cloud at this time, there is not a way to configure an On-premise integration).

- CodeScan Token is created in the CodeScan UI. Within CodeScan go to "My Account", then "Security" and you will see the Tokens page and the option to generate tokens.

- CodeScan URL -

- Organization Key - This is your Project Key in CodeScan, under "My Account" and on the "Profile" tab you will see under login your Key.

Step 3) Testing your connection. At this point your integration is complete and from any Deployment you can now under the "More" drop down menu select "Run CodeScan" select the CodeScan Settings and Project then click "Run".

Step 4) You should have at this point after running through preparing and running for status end with a "done" status and a "Result link" in the bottom left which will take you to the CodeScan UI to review your results.

This completes your integration and you can now enjoy the benefits of your CodeScan by AutoRABIT. To learn more details about their solution see AutoRABIT's site here.

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