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Copado Essentials API Token
Copado Essentials API Token

How to integrate 3rd party applications with Copado Essentials

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With Copado Essentials we have now built an API Token Generator allowing for 3rd party application calls. (note: at this time only configured for CI jobs with 2 routs, a post and get rout).
From your "Account Settings" under the Integration drop down you will see "API Token"

This will allow you to generate a unique token for use with your callout:

When creating a new CI job you will see an option for "Rest API" and to Enable:

Click on "Setup API" (example in the image above). This will open your developer setup guide. From the guide, you can review your two supported methods, the POST and GET requests. From the URL you will see that the GET request will return the CI Jobs "Status" and the POST request will "trigger" the job to run.

If you would like to experiment with this feature you can use Postman. Click here for details.

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