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Azure Boards Integration with Essentials
Azure Boards Integration with Essentials

Now you can integrate Essentials Work Items with Azure Boards (ADO).

Written by Shreya Reddy Kommidi
Updated over a week ago

Essentials now supports bi-directional ALM integration with Azure Boards. To get started, login into Azure Boards and create an Organization. Under this organization, create a new project with a few work items under "Boards".
Note: Azure Boards currently support for cloud integration only. On-premise is not supported at this time.

Personal Access Token

For the initial setup, after logging into Azure Boards, click on the user icon> Personal access tokens>New Token. Enter the details like Name, Organization, access levels and click on "create" button, this will generate an API token which you can copy and keep it handy.

ALM Integration Settings

In Essentials, click on User icon on the top right>Account Settings> ALM Integration Settings. Choose "Azure" as your ALM, enter the Organization name from Azure, paste the API token which was generated and Save it. "Test the connection" to make sure the setup is successful.

1) Select the Azure option in the ALM picklist in the ALM Integration Settings tab as follows:

2) Create your Personal Access Token in Azure:

3) Copy the token:

4) Paste the token Essentials Access Token field:

Associating an Essentials Plus Deployment or Work Item with an Azure Boards work item

In order to associate an Essentials Plus Work Item or Deployment with an Azure Boards work item, go to the Deployments or Work Items tab> click on New deployment or Work Items. Give it a title, the source and target environments, click on more and "fetch Alm issue/task list", this retrieves all the work items created in Azure. Associate an issue to your Essentials Plus work items or deployment and save it.

Add the components, validate and deploy. All these activities will be tracked in your Azure Boards work item.

Once you complete your deployment in Essentials Plus, go to your work item in Azure to see the update:

If you have questions or need help setting up this integration, please contact Copado Tech Support through the blue chat button in the lower-right corner of your Essentials screen.

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