Deploy Manage Package changes
Written by Shreya Reddy Kommidi
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To deploy managed package changes in Copado Essentials, you can follow these general steps:

Access Salesforce Essentials:

Log in to your Copado Essentials account.

Go to the "Deployments" Section:

Click on "New Deployment" on the right hand side

Name and choose the Orgs:

Give your deployment a meaningful name and choose the Source and Target Orgs.

You can tag your deployment to an ALM(JIRA or Azure)

Add Components:

Under "Add components" select the components you want to deploy.

  1. Check "Include managed package" Checkbox:

    • In the deployment details, you should find a checkbox that allows you to "include managed package" components. Check this checkbox to include these components in your deployment.

  2. Add Dependencies (if needed):

    • If your changes have dependencies on other components, for example: if you want to change the picklist order for a field, or modify a page layout associated with a managed package, make sure to include them in the deployment as well.

  3. Validate Changes:

    • Before deploying, it's a good practice to validate your deployment to check for any issues or conflicts.

  4. Deploy Changes:

    • After validation, click the "Deploy" button to start the deployment process.

Note: Checking the "Include managed package" checkbox is essential when you want to ensure that components from a managed package are part of your deployment.This ensures that the managed package changes are successfully integrated into your target environment using Copado Essentials.

Happy deployment!!

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