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Error message: "UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION: An unexpected error occurred. . Please include this ErrorId if you contact support":
Error message: "UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION: An unexpected error occurred. . Please include this ErrorId if you contact support":

Reasons for receiving Salesforce GACK error messages that include an ErrorID.

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Error Explanation:

When you encounter this error it is important to understand that this is specifically returned by Salesforce, not Copado. There can be multiple reasons for Salesforce to generate this class of error messages that involve "ErrorId" numbers. These error numbers are designed to assist Salesforce Support to navigate their backend and troubleshoot. They are specifically called GACK codes.

Salesforce Documentation on the error: Salesforce Documentation

Example : "An unexpected error occurred. Please include this ErrorId if you contact support: 19150560-57365 (-1709162811)"

Error Break Down:

So lets break down the example and identify what each part of the error means so we can communicate with Salesforce on a higher level of understanding.

Starting with the first set of numbers presented in the example above "19150560-57365" this is a specific or unique identifying number to your deployment. This number assists salesforce in locating the issue on their backend logs when you raise the issue with their support team.

Now, looking at the next set of numbers in the example "(-1709162811)". This set of numbers can sometimes point more to what components in your deployment are causing the main issue.

Only by seeing the errors many times over the years we can start to see some possible trends on the error numbers that potentially point to the metadata types.

Possible causes:

"(-1709162811)" > Unexpected error on a flow deployment

With the recent changes on how Salesforce handles flow deployments and versions we have seen an increase in this code associated with flows. Check your version number and flow definition with source and target environments.

"(1988552325)" > Could be an issue related to a ContentAsset deployment

It's can be hard to identify exactly what causes the ContentAsset metadata component to trigger this error message. Contact Salesforce would need to provide exact details.

"(-547594032)" > This appears to point to the "Document" metadata type

When this is encountered we have seen that the size of the file may be an issue. Salesforce has HEAP size limits set to 10,000 files per deployment or a zip file limit of 39MBs.

"(776095663)" > An issue with "CustomField" in your deployment

Most cases we have seen relate to a change to a picklist field in your source but with custom fields there can be many potential issues. Check with Salesforce for further advice if you have troubleshot your picklist and confirmed it was not the specific culprit.


We will continue to add possible causes as we track and identify trends with the various Salesforce GACK codes. In summary, it is important to understand that troubleshooting the specific configurations of these metadata types would need the assistance of Salesforce Support as the error is returned directly by Salesforce. Copado does strive to provide information and understanding and with the above knowledge of the issue you may be able to simply target the metadata causing the issue and remove it from your deployment to process the remainder of work but when necessary you may need to contact Salesforce Support to get further clarification.

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