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Change Salesforce login to New Production Organization
Change Salesforce login to New Production Organization

How to move (transfer) one or more team members (Salesforce logins) to a new production environment with Copado Essentials

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Case Example/Explanation:

If you come to a point where you need to move to a new production environment and changing to a new Salesforce username, there is capability to add multiple production environments with Copado Essentials but you will still need to use the original login that you created with Essentials and built all of your team users from. If that is not possible and the original "default" environment is no longer going to be accessible or being deprecated we do have a process to migrate your licenses (but not deployment history) to a newly-created Essentials instance.
​Things to Consider:

  • Can you continue using the original production org just as a means to login to Essentials and create team users? (If so, this is the best option)

  • If you are requesting that Copado Tech Support migrate one or more licenses to a new Salesforce production instance you must be aware that all work including CI jobs, Work Items, Deployments, etc. will be lost. Copado can only move your licensees to the New Essentials environment.
    ​Process to Request license Migration:

  • Make sure you have logged in to Essentials with the new Salesforce login. This will start you with a new instance and show as a "Free" user.

  • Download your history to a CSV file from the Essentials environment you are moving away from. This will serve as record of your work since your history will be lost in the migration process.

  • Once you have performed the above steps submit a Technical Support Conversation (using chatbot in lower right corner of your Essentials screen) requesting the migration and provide the Salesforce User Name for the Copado Essentials we are moving the licenses from and the Salesforce User Name that we are moving the licenses to.

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