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Slowed or delayed Deployments and Validations Showing In-Progress
Slowed or delayed Deployments and Validations Showing In-Progress

Validations or deployments taking a long period of time unexpectedly.

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If you are experiencing unexpected in-progress time on a validation or deployment there are many things that can affect that behavior.
1) clear you browser cache and re-login to your Copado Essentials. Many times a browser being cached can cause communication issues.

2) Check the Salesforce Trust Site. There are many times that Salesforce could be experiencing an issue with their environments and or performing maintenance which interferes with the communications back and fourth between Copado Essentials.

3) Check the size and amount of components contained in your deployment. Performing a large deployment or a deployment with complex metadata types there may be times when a longer validation or deployment period would be expected.
If needed there is a "Force quit" option available under the "More" tab of your the Job you are executing. Please be aware if this action is performed multiple times there will be a delay before you can quit the action again. This will allow you to re-attempt your validation or deployment once the outage has passed.

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