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Deploying Flows using Essentials
Deploying Flows using Essentials

How to deploy a flow in Essentials

Written by Shreya Reddy Kommidi
Updated over a week ago

Deploying a flow in Essentials involves a systematic process to ensure a smooth implementation. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the deployment process:

  • Begin by logging into the Essentials platform using your credentials. Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to deploy flows.

  • Create a new deployment from the Deployments tab by giving a title and choosing the source and target Orgs.

  • From the deployment record->Add Components->Choose "Flows" and identify the specific flow you intend to deploy. We recommend NOT using FlowDefinition to deploy a flow.

  • If applicable, run tests to identify and address any potential issues before deploying to the target environment. Once you are satisfied with the configuration and any testing, validate and initiate the deployment process. This may involve clicking a "Validate " button first, once it is successful click on "Deploy".

  • When the flow is retrieved from the source org, the latest version will be retrieved (regardless of status). It is expected that it deploys the latest version and not necessarily the active version. In non-production orgs (sandbox, scratch org, developer edition org), an active version of a flow will be deployed as active in the target org. As, in production orgs, this behavior depends on the setting "Process Automation > Deploy Processes as Active".

NOTE: There is a known Salesforce limitation with deploying flows. You cannot deploy a flow version that is currently active in the target org.

For example, if your target org has Process-4 which is currently active and you try to deploy the same version Process-4 from a source org an error occurs.

Clone the flow in the source org to a new version (Process-5) then deploy the new flow version to the target org. Remember to activate the new version in your target org since all flows are deployed as inactive by default.
  • In future, if any modifications are applied to the flow, the Essentials Diff Key will display the complete flow, showcasing the highlighted changes between the two organizations.

Happy deploying!!

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