Copado Essentials for SIs

A solution tailored for Salesforce SI partners managing multiple client projects.

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Copado Essentials is the most popular release management tool for Salesforce Implementation Partners. Salesforce partners often manage both one-off and long-term projects on behalf of their clients - building, testing, and deploying apps to Salesforce customer orgs.

Copado Essentials for SIs is designed specifically for Salesforce partners that need a fast, easy, and robust release management solution. With Copado Essentials+ it is faster and easier than ever to deploy and manage releases on behalf of multiple clients.

Purpose-built features allow managed services teams to assign consultants to manage one or more clients and simple-but-powerful tools to customize and organize release processes unique to each project.

Flexible subscriptions give companies the ability to pay only for what they need and to easily reassign team members as they roll on and off of client projects.

With our SI Solution your team gets access to:

  • Project Manager - Create workspaces for each of your clients/projects that house the deployments and settings unique to each project, reducing clutter and making it faster than ever to deploy changes to Salesforce. You can assign workspace access to one or multiple team members, allowing them to quickly filter their view to just the client orgs they are currently working on.

Available only in Essentials+. See the Project Manager help article.

  • Pipeline Manager - Create and manage user stories with Work Items for Copado Essentials Plus. Pipelines can be customized to fit the release process for each of your clients and team roles and permissions can be assigned for each stage of a deployment. With Work Items it is easy to track the progress and history of deployments for your clients - you can see who made changes, when, and to which org all in a single view.

Available only in Essentials Plus. See the Pipeline & Work Items help article.

  • License Manager - Not everyone on your team is actively developing on a client project at any given time. Often teammates will roll on and off projects as the workload ebbs and flows. Sometimes additional members are brought on for release sprints. With Copado Essentials’ flexible licensing you can easily promote and demote roles between various members of your team. Teammates can be assigned roles and permissions including read/edit/execute and visibility to specific projects, pipeline stages, and work items. Save money and time by providing access to only those consultants that need it, when they need it!

    Available in Essentials and Essentials Plus. See the License Manager help article.

Free Trial of SI features

Start a free trial of the product features by having the user with the Team Owner role activate them for your account. You can find instructions on how to do this in the help articles linked above. Your free trial will last 21 days and starts upon the successful execution or use of one of the features.

For more information about the trial, the SI offering, or volume-based discounts for 5+ seat licenses, please contact an Essentials rep by emailing or starting a chat using the chat icon in the app.

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