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License Manager

The License Manager allows SIs and release teams to easily promote and demote licenses and roles between team members.

Written by Daniel Oxenburgh
Updated over a week ago

License Manager is designed for SIs and release teams to easily assign, promote, and demote licenses between team members as roles on a given project change.

To learn about acquiring new licenses for your team, please see the How to Purchase Licenses help article.

Assign licenses to team members

Team Owners can assign licenses to other team members under Account Settings > Team. Anyone who signs into Copado Essentials via the same Salesforce organization Id (same as the Team Org Id) will automatically be listed in the Team Member list (see screenshot below). You can have your new users sign into Copado Essentials using this link. The total number of licenses purchased and used will show on the Team Detail page and actions for individual users are linked to the right of each Team Member:


Only a team owner can assign licenses to team members. To check who is the owner of your team, please go to Account Settings > Team. To nominate a different user on your team as a team owner, please email

Either a Team owner or a Team member has the ability to reassign a license to a user within the team, and this reassignment limit is set at 4 times. Upon the purchase of a new license, the reassignment limit is reset.

Team Collaboration

Copado Essentials allows teams with varying permissions to collaborate on a project. To read more about assigning roles and permissions to a team, please see the Team Collaboration help article.

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