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Copado Essentials Okta Integration Setup
Copado Essentials Okta Integration Setup

integration process to set up Okta SSO login with your Copado Essentials Org

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If you are looking to harness Okta to secure your digital interactions with employees and customers, we can accommodate.

In this article we will show you how to configure the Okta integration with Copado Essentials step by step.


  1. Set up single sign-on (SSO): please see our help article here to ensure your SSO is enabled in your org.

  2. Configure SAML 2.0 for Salesforce Federated ID. Okta article here.

  3. You can review and confirm your login process.

Technical Flow:

This is the flow that will happen on the backend and not be full visibility to the user.

User Flow:

This is how the user will experience the login process. Notice the Salesforce SSO URL login process is no longer visible to the user. The user will go to the Essentials login screen and then be redirected to the Okta login screen.

This is Essentials login screen:

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