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New Purchase Experience
New Purchase Experience

How to use the new Essentials purchase experience to manage your subscription.

Written by Shreya Reddy Kommidi
Updated over a week ago

The Copado self-service purchase UX has been upgraded to make it easier to view your current plan, compare plans and options, upgrade your plan, and checkout.

You will need to be a Team Owner to be able to change your team's subscription or download invoices for the previous purchases. For more details about Team Roles, please refer to this article.

Managing Your Team's Plan and Licenses

In the Account Settings > Essentials Plan , click on the "Manage Plan and Licenses" button which will take you to the Plan Configuration details page where you can subscribe to a plan if you are a new user or upgrade/downgrade your plan if you are an existing user.

On this page, if you are a new user, you will find yourself as a Freemium user and you can choose to upgrade Monthly or Annual by clicking on either Essentials Basic or Essentials Plus and entering the number of licenses based on your team size.

Some add-ons are available through the self-service experience for the Essentials Plus plans. For example, Data Deploy can be added from the self service portal. To order Copado Robotic Testing Essentials or Copado Version Control (Git-based)--or to request a demo of any Copado add-on--please reach out to your Copado Account Manager through the blue chat button in the lower right corner of the Essentials application. If you don't have an assigned account manager, one will be automatically assigned.

On the right panel of the same page, based on your choice of plan and add-ons, the cart will the total bill amount. Click on "Next" to go to "Payment" page.

Here, add your Account Information, Billing information, Card details, and once done, you can proceed to the payment.

Assigning Licenses

In the Account Settings > Team and Licenses, any user's license or role can be modified. You can assign Add-ons to a person and also deactivate from this page.

Billing Information

In the Account Settings >Billing Information, on this page Account Information, Billing Information and Payment Information can be modified or updated.

Downloading Invoices

In the Account Settings > Invoices, this shows all your invoices (or credit card transactions), to date. You can choose to filter based on date range and status and download the invoices.

If you need help with your subscription or you have comments or suggestions about the new Essentials purchase experience, please don't hesitate to contact us through the chat button!

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