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Override Credentials with Copado Essentials
Override Credentials with Copado Essentials

Utilize this feature when deployments involving shared organizations don't accurately reflect who deployed the changes.

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You've recently purchased Copado Essentials/Essentials+ and shared an authenticated organization with "Deploy" access to a team member, in hopes of helping them get setup quickly. However, following their first deployment to this organization, you check the audit log and find that the credentials that show up for this deployment in Salesforce were yours! Sharing organizations with Copado Essentials is a key piece of ensuring team collaboration can take place, but auditability should not have to suffer as a consequence of convenience.

Fortunately, maintaining an accurate audit trail is easily achieved with Copado Essentials. For team members whom organizations have been shared with, and record of their deployments aren't accurate, the "Override Credentials" feature can help. "Override Credentials" allows a user to update the credentials of a shared organization with their login information to ensure their actions are properly documented within Salesforce. To access this feature, navigate to the Organizations tab, select an organization that has been shared to you with "Deploy" access, and click the "Override Credentials" button as shown below.

By taking advantage of the ability to "Override Credentials", you can improve the auditability of your DevOps process and continue to strive towards maintaining Best Practice.

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